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Willard De Filipps, CPA is available to make live presentations of his various De Filipps University seminars, including his most popular LIFO for Auto Dealers seminars and Dealer Tax Update seminars. All of our seminar programs and intensive training offerings are presentations created by Mr. De Filipps personally during which he discusses in-depth, technical and practical insights and also his conclusions, practices and suggestions for dealing with troublesome aspects of the topics covered.

Mr. De Filipps tailors each presentation to emphasize application techniques of special interest to the audience, Firm and/or the niche market clientele. These training programs and seminars are designed so that participants obtain personal access to Mr. De Filipps’ lengthy experience as a tax practitioner and consultant to CPA firms on matters relating to general tax issues, automobile dealership issues and the Last-In, First-Out (LIFO) inventory method.

Format Options for Presentations

  • In person or virtually – via webinar or teleconference
  • Intensive training programs given over a day or several days or more brief (1-4 hour) seminars

De Filipps University Web Presentations. De Filipps University webinars (i.e., web-based seminars) are typically 2-hour presentations (usually presented live) which include comprehensive outlines and detailed supplementary materials (all in pdf format).

De Filipps University Audio Presentations. De Filipps University audio seminars are typically 2-hour teleconferences (usually presented live) which include comprehensive outlines and detailed supplementary materials (all in pdf format).

†Continuing Professional Education (CPE) attendance confirmation certificates are no longer available for real time participants of the live De Filipps University presentations.

Mr. De Filipps is available to make live virtual presentations of any of his previously presented De Filipps University seminars. These presentations require a fee which includes supporting clerical preparation time.

In-House Seminar and/or Intensive Training Presentations. Mr. De Filipps is available to make more comprehensive in-house, full-day(s) presentations of any of his seminars or training programs. These programs are tailored to emphasize application techniques of special interest to the Firm and its niche market clientele. These presentations require a fee plus reimbursement for any out-of-pocket travel and lodging expenses.

Conference Speaker / Panelist. Willard De Filipps is available as a conference speaker and/or panelist on income tax issues related to auto dealers and dealerships and on LIFO inventory matters as well as other business tax issues. Recent presentations include CPA-Auto Dealership Niche Conferences, AICPA Automobile Dealer Annual Conferences, NADA Conferences, NABD Conferences and various state societies and associations.

Presentation Information 

Your Firm or Organization will receive, in advance, one copy of the detailed presentation outline and comprehensive supplementary materials. You may then reproduce or otherwise make available copies for as many attendees as you expect. The presentation will be updated to reflect current changes through the date of presentation for your Firm or Organization. Because Mr. De Filipps adapts his presentations and materials as much as possible to the specific needs or interests of your Firm or organization, he can readily accommodate requests for more (or less) time spent on any particular area(s).

Please note that any seminar and/or speaking engagement is based upon the understanding that the presentation(s) you are interested in having would be only for members of your Firm/Organization, clients and/or referral sources. (The fee would be modified if the attendees included members from other firms or organizations.)

Typically, Mr. De Filipps’ fee is waived for presentations to dealer organizations.

Please contact Kristin Lavery at 847-577-3977 or for further options, availability, pricing and other information.

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