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  • Year-End 2018 Dealer Tax Update (11/30/2018)
  • Please check back here frequently for a listing of our upcoming seminars.

Recent Seminars

  • Mid-Year 2018 Dealer Tax Update (7/17/2018)
  • Year-End 2017 Dealer Tax Update (11/30/2017)
  • Dealership Practice Guide Checklists (7/19/2017)
  • Mid-Year 2017 Dealer Tax Update (7/12/2017)
  • Year-End 2016 Dealer Tax Update (12/1/2016)
  • Mid-Year 2016 Dealer Tax Update (7/27/2016)
  • Year-End 2015 Dealer Tax Update (12/3/2015)
  • A Walk-Through Form 3115 Filings for a Typical Dealership … Final Tangible Property Regulations CAMs (09/2/2015)
  • Mid-Year 2015 Dealer Tax Update (7/23/2015)
  • Year-End 2014 Dealer Tax Update (12/3/2014)
  • Applying the Tangibles Regulations to 2014 Tax Returns: A Practical Guide (12/11/2014)
  • Mid-Year 2014 Dealer Tax Update (08/21/2014)
  • Seminar Library

For a complete list of available seminar recordings, please contact Kristin Lavery ( for more information.

Willard J. De Filipps, CPA has been teaching other CPAs and accounting / tax professionals since the early 1970s.  While he continues to develop and present intensive training programs and in-house seminars, Mr. De Filipps more recently has been sharing his expertise and experience with many professionals and advisors through De Filipps University’s brief audio seminars.

All De Filipps University seminar programs and intensive training offerings are presentations created by Mr. De Filipps personally during which he discusses in-depth, technical and practical insights and also his conclusions, practices and suggestions for dealing with troublesome aspects of the topics covered.

Mr. De Filipps designs his presentations so that De Filipps U participants obtain personal access to his lengthy experience as a tax practitioner and consultant to CPA firms on matters relating to general tax issues, automobile dealership issues and the Last-In, First-Out (LIFO) inventory valuation method.

De Filipps University Web Presentations. De Filipps University webinars (i.e., web-based seminars) are typically 2-hour presentations (usually presented live) which include comprehensive outlines and detailed supplementary materials (all in pdf format).

De Filipps University Audio Presentations. De Filipps University audio seminars are typically 2-hour teleconferences (usually presented live) which include comprehensive outlines and detailed supplementary materials (all in pdf format).

How all De Filipps University virtual seminars work.  Only a site registration and and the format-appropriate equipment (i.e., computer/Internet set-up for webinars, telephone/phone connection for audio seminars) are required for participation the presentation.  Prior to the presentation, registered participants receive an e-mail with connection instructions and a link to the pdf file of the seminar course materials.  For a per-site registration fee, an unlimited number of attendees at a physical site can participate in the virtual seminar.

During each live presentation, question and answer times are included.  Participants may e-mail their questions either before or during the seminar.  Mr. De Filipps responds during the seminar, and he also makes time available for follow-up questions and discussion through his “office hours” (done by e-mail and telephone contact).

The De Filipps University Recordings Library contains Recordings of every De Filipps U audio seminar presentation.  Folks who are unable to participate in the live presentation can access the entire seminar playback later and receive the complete outline and all of the comprehensive supplementary materials.  These Recordings are available for purchase following the live airing of each presentation.  Each Recording purchase includes a copy of the program’s detailed presentation outline and comprehensive supplementary reference materials in PDF format.

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