In 1974, Willard J. De Filipps, CPA wrote the first published article on the application of the Last-In, First-Out (LIFO) inventory valuation method to automobile and truck dealers. This article appeared in Cars and Trucks, the publication of the National Automobile Dealers Association (Feb. 1975, Vol. 47, No. 2, pp. 22-30). His article, “Developing a Tax Department in a Growing Organization” (first published in “The Journal of Accountancy” in June 1974) was selected as an outstanding contribution and included in “Selected Studies in Modern Accounting.”

Since 1991, Mr. De Filipps has written and published the LIFO Lookout, a periodic newsletter of LIFO news, views and ideas, as well as other tax related periodicals. In 1994, he began writing and publishing the Dealer Tax Watch, a periodic newsletter update of essential tax information for auto dealers and their CPAs.

These comprehensive, technical publications are two cornerstones of the De Filipps University Resource Center.

Dealer Tax Watch

The Dealer Tax Watch is a unique periodic publication that updates auto dealers and their CPAs on current IRS tax rulings, audit developments, court decisions, administrative pronouncements and other essential information that affect auto dealers and their dealerships. Each Edition includes a “Watch Out” overview that summarizes recent major developments. This executive summary of the major developments is [More …]

LIFO Lookout

The LIFO Lookout is a unique periodic publication that provides a comprehensive look at how current IRS rulings, audit developments, administrative pronouncements and Court decisions affect all types of taxpayers using the LIFO (Last-In, First-Out) inventory valuation method. Taxpayers using LIFO include manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors and retailers, including automobile, truck, equipment and implement dealerships.

At various times throughout the year, from a multitude of sources, Mr. De Filipps sorts through and identifies for coverage only the most important LIFO-related developments. [More …]

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