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De Filipps University’s “LIFO Track” page is where tax professionals who use the Last-In, First-Out (LIFO) inventory valuation method (for both automobile dealer and non-dealer LIFO inventories) … including CPAs, attorneys, controllers and other key level financial dealership officers … come for current information and updates, developments and ideas.

Report of One-of-Each Item Category Inflation Indexes.  Near year-end, Willard J. De Filipps, CPA, PC works with clients on their projections of year-end inventory LIFO reserve levels.  We use our “SuperLIFO™ Year-End One-of-Each Item Category Inflation Indexes” to make these year-end projections.  University Members can access the 12/31/2018 Summary Report here.  For the Detail by Make & Model information, please contact

Currently. We are now processing fiscal year-end LIFO Inventory Reports (LIRs) for our dealer clients and for dealerships that are clients of many CPA firms with whom we have professional associations.  Our LIRs utilize our comprehensive SuperLIFO™database that is continually updated and maintained.

Willard also continues to closely follow the progression of Federal budget proposals (many of which include the repeal of the LIFO method) and will be reporting on new developments right here.  Please check back for updates and information.

LIFO Seminars.  Will develops and presents in-house live and virtual seminars on LIFO – teaching basic and advanced courses.  Please contact us for more information.

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