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The LIFO Lookout is a unique periodic publication that provides a comprehensive look at how current IRS rulings, audit developments, administrative pronouncements and Court decisions affect all types of taxpayers using the LIFO (Last-In, First-Out) inventory valuation method.  Taxpayers using LIFO include manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors and retailers, including automobile dealerships.

At various times throughout the year, from a multitude of sources, Mr. De Filipps reviews and identifies for coverage only the most important LIFO-related developments.  This is based on his extensive practice consulting with other CPAs and businesses using LIFO who require assistance in application refinements and staying informed concerning important current developments and Court cases or who want to know more about dealing with computational issues, IRS audits or accounting method changes.

The cornerstone of each LIFO Lookout is the “LIFO Update” overview that summarizes recent major developments.  Mr. De Filipps provides an executive briefing of the major developments, grounded in his more than 45 years as a CPA tax practitioner and LIFO specialist.

Auto dealerships represent one type of business whose LIFO practices over the years have been subject to significant IRS attention, audit activity, rulings and other guidance.  In addition, the IRS has taken many auto dealer LIFO issues to the U.S. Tax Court and to other courts.  Whenever appropriate, the LIFO Lookout provides an intensive analysis of dealer-LIFO related issues and cases.  In addition, each year, the unofficial IRS new vehicle “new items” lists are subject to a thorough review and analysis.

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