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Recognized as one of the nation’s leading experts in automobile dealership tax issues and in the Last-In, First-Out (LIFO) inventory method of accounting for various businesses, Willard J. De Filipps, CPA has been providing expert technical consulting services to LIFO inventory method users and to automobile dealerships and their advisors for more than 45 years.  Mr. De Filipps is available for a range of consultation services related to various LIFO methodologies and to various dealer tax issues through “traditional” consultation or his “office hours.”

Mr. De Filipps is available personally for questions and/or discussion regarding his articles and discussion/blog entries and also to provide follow-up to his audio seminars, articles, discussion/blog entries, etc.  Following a seminar presentation, registered participants may contact Willard with post-seminar questions via e-mail and telephone, and brief telephone appointments (i.e., “office hours”) are set up for discussion of the questions.

“Traditional” Consultation

Mr. De Filipps offers consultation services to assist CPAs and businesses in IRS audits of their LIFO methodologies and other related IRS appeals and changes in LIFO methods of accounting.  He is also available for consulting on various dealer tax issues.

LIFO Inventory Consultation

  • IRS audits of all types of LIFO inventory valuation computations
  • Evaluation and implementation of proper LIFO elections
  • Review of calculations … New LIFO calculations  
  • Layer history re-creation
  • Coordination and/or implementation of changes in (inventory) accounting methods
  • Form 3115 review & consultation
  • Expert witness engagements

Dealer Tax Issues Consultation

  • Tangibles Regulations … Section 263(a)
  • Manufacturer facility upgrade payments
  • Elimination of trade discounts and/or advertising costs from inventory cost
  • Section 263A inventory cost capitalization rules and safe harbors for dealerships
  • Expert witness engagements

For more information on all options and opportunities for consultation with Willard, please contact him at (847) 577-3977 or

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