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With regard to insurance hail damage payments, does anyone have any insight/practical experience with possible involuntary conversion under 1033 and replacement property.  Internal dealership people will be able to fix damage for much less than insurance payment.  Is it possible to purchase new inventory with a zero basis and defer the gain until the inventory is sold?

Please e-mail your responses to and we will share them here.  We will also post this to our Linked-In“De Filipps University Dealer Tax Advisors Discussion Group” for additional input.

Previous Question:

With regard to the new Tangibles Regulations on the treatment of capital improvements … What happens when a dealership does a major overhaul in plumbing in 2014 and then does a major overhaul to the same plumbing in 2024. Can you write off the balance of the 2014 improvements?


The change (CAM #177) seems to apply only to buildings and building components. Your question involved the plumbing system, which is a “building system” under the new definitions in the Regulations. Right now, it seems unclear whether the write-off for work done which affects a “building system” would get the same favorable treatment as the write-off for work done which affects a “building” or a “building component.”

However, it seems that most of the businesses doing cost segregation studies consider all of the building systems as if they were includable for this favorable treatment.


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