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De Filipps University is a virtual resource center for CPAs and tax professionals (and controllers) who serve automobile dealers and dealerships. De Filipps University also provides practical and educational resources for any tax professional (dealer and non-dealer) who works with LIFO inventory matters.

De Filipps University Tracks

De Filipps U offers resources that follow two primary tracks ... These tracks simply provide a means for classification and grouping of our resources.

  • Our Dealership Track consists of resources that focus on tax issues that affect automobile dealerships.
  • Our LIFO Track consists of resources that apply to the Last-In, First-Out (LIFO) inventory method of accounting.

A third track ... our General Business Applications Track ... consists of resources that cover general tax issues applicable to most businesses. This track addresses topics such as the new Tangibles Regulations and changes in methods of accounting / Form 3115 preparation.

De Filipps University Cornerstones / Anchors

  • A curriculum of comprehensive virtual seminars addressing auto dealer/dealership tax issues and general LIFO inventory matters.
    • These presentations are typically 2-hour presentations and include one CPE certificate.
  • Our "Members-Only" website which includes full access to:
    • Archives of Mr. De Filipps’ technical, in-depth publications
    • Coming Soon... PDF files of the presentation outlines and materials from most of Will’s previously-given seminars, to be indexed
    • Willard De Filipps’ current thinking and feedback
      • "WillCasts" (Podcasts)
      • Questions & Answers
      • Discussion forum (via LinkedIn Discussion Groups)
    • Periodic (update) articles / Status report
  • De Filipps’ SuperLIFO One-of-Each-Item-Category-Index
  • De Filipps’ SuperLIFO New Item Determinations
    • Comparisons of the IRS and SuperLIFO determinations of “new items”
  • “Office hours” with Willard De Filipps, CPA … Seminar and article follow-up.
  • Coaching services

De Filipps University Memberships

Members of De Filipps University receive access to the full Members-Only website for a 1-year term (from the date of enrollment).  The cost of this year-long Membership is $349.

De Filipps University Members receive a 15% discount on most of our offerings and products.

Please note that a “Membership” to De Filipps University does NOT include any site registrations for De Filipps University virtual seminars … This is a Membership for website access only. Seminar participation is on an "a-la-carte" basis.

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